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What is Vanquish?

Vanquish ME™ by BTL is a non-invasive device that helps you reduce your fat. It uses proprietary heating technology to trigger a process called “thermogenesis” in fat cells, which increases the breakdown of lipids—the cellular building blocks of fat. By targeting fat cells directly and reducing their size, vanquishme helps to shrink your waistline, get rid of love handles and more!

What are the benefits of Vanquish ME?

Wouldn't you love to get rid of your "stubborn fat" and regain your slim waistline? Our revolutionary Vanquish ME™ by BTL can do that for you non invasively during a lunch break.

Say "no" to unwanted fat and "yes" to the Vanquish ME™ by BTL! This is the only FDA-cleared device that can remove fat from your body with no pain or downtime, providing you with a long-term solution that's safe, efficient, and affordable.
Call the nearest Rescu Wellness office today or schedule a consultation online to get started with Vanquish ME™ by BTL.

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