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Group Exercise

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What is Group Exercise?

The group fitness class by Myrna Brady is a challenging, high-energy class with great music that will keep you sweating. It is in a small group setting and instructors encourage everyone to push themselves and make every minute count. It includes cardio, strength training, balance and mobility.

What are the benefits of Group Exercise? 

Group Exercise with Myrna Brady teaches you to move with proper form and ease, develop a strong and resilient core, and improve balance and stability. This class is for all ages and fitness levels.

Group exercise is the perfect way to keep your body, mind and spirit in check. If you’re looking for a workout that will put a smile on your face and leave you feeling energized and motivated, group exercise is the answer.

You've made the decision to get fit, now let Myrna get you there! Myrna Brady, the name synonymous with fitness, is here with the proven and practical advice that will have you on your way. Myrna has been providing training for years and shares her secrets with you at Rescu Wellness.



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